We Talk Sneakers with: Patrick aka 'Uptown P'

Nike Air Force 1 always are my go-to trainer. They look good with everything and majority of the time I’m not really dressed up but I need to look fresh so they work.
— Patrick aka 'Uptown P'

Patrick, aka ‘Uptown P’ is the creative director for DressCodeNation, a company that aids new business partnerships and promotes individuals to global organisations. But besides being the go-to for all things creative, Patrick loves all things sneakers, and talks us through his dream sneaker collab.

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We all have a special pair of trainers that we keep pristine in the box until a special occasion approaches. What’s your most prized, special trainer you own?

I have two but the reason I like this one slightly more is because they come out maybe once a year. My Ricardo Tisci x Nike Air Force 1 (High) tan leather.
Let’s start with the box. If you were at one of the greatest shows ever, you would understand that it represents an era that we would be lucky to see again - Watch the Throne tour! The box has a lot of similarity to the merch and clothing that Jay-Z and Kanye wore as both were designed by Riccardo Tisci as well.

When these came out, the trainer wave hadn’t hit the world as much as it has now, so I feel like it was more appreciated by people who really had the knowledge. But anyway, I’m talking too deeply about it. They’re just FIRE!

Do you remember your first pair of trainers as kid? If so, what were they and do you remember the moment you got them?

My first pair of trainers that I remember wanting really bad was the Reebok classics. I wanted these so bad I begged my dad. But back in those days, getting trainers that you don’t wear to school was too luxury, it was like asking for a car lol. But after a month, he set a day and let me go with him to the shop to buy them. I couldn’t wait to leave school, after we bought them I took it home, done the laces and literally slept in them  

If you could pick any brand to do a trainer collaboration, who would you pick, and what would the shoe look like?

This is too easy! I’d 1,000,000% do a collaboration with Nike because my all time favourite shoe is a AF1 so it’s basically a dream to collaborate with them on a pair. They were a staple in one of the most iconic cities that birthed sneaker culture - New York.

Anyway, enough history. There’s either two ways the shoe could come out:

  1. Timeless, minimalistic but with the craziest detail that only a true sneaker head would appreciate, this is something that can be worn in any environment casual or turnt. 

  2. Complex design, pastel colour scheme with a barcode theme, because everyone knows that’s my logo. But, it would be a pair that stays in a box and could only get previewed at Art Basel. 

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