Last weekend we attended Fully Clothed Beauty Fashion Show at the Royal Albert Hall. The event was full of amazing up and coming music artists, DJs and fashion brands. Focusing on empowering young women through fashion, the event celebrated diversity in todays society.

One brand that empowered us and caught our eye was NuNude. Channelling diversity, inclusivity and body positivity, Joanne Baban Morales the CEO and owner of the brand gave a talk explaining that diversity is a deep rooted issue within society, and how NuNude is tackling this through fashion. 

In the Oxford dictionary, the term “nude” was previously defined as “pink-beige.” With the help of the company Nunude through campaigning and spreading the word, the definition has now changed to include “all shades of nude”.
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The brands aim is to “unite women of all ethnicities and skin colours together through fashion and through the redefinition of the word nude”… and we think they are doing this pretty well!

With dresses, jumpsuits, tracksuits and swimwear all available in sizes XS-XXXL, the brand is the definition of all-inclusive. Reminding us all that beauty comes in all shapes, colours and sizes! 


Our favourite piece on the site is the Kylie Two Piece, which comes in a variety of shades to compliment your own unique skin tone. Check out the brand and shop their collection here

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