NICCE launches White Label Collection

Where music and fashion combine. Both creative worlds are bossing up hand in hand and London based streetwear brand NICCE, have released their limited edition White Label series, taking their streetwear aesthetic towards a fashion led capsule, with the name inspired by the history of music.

We spoke to the owners of NICCE asking them about their conceptualisation stages of White Label and the direction of the brand

What was the motivation to create White Label?

As a brand we always strive to create newness, however you also need to keep your eye on the ball, as our main range has a loyal fan base. We knew that we needed to excite in other ways and the White Label concept is one of individuality.


How did the aspect of the name 'White Label' come into play and how is it reflected through the capsule? 

White labels are highly sought after, collectable items originating in music culture and that’s what we want to achieve with this collection, hence being offered in limited distribution and standing out against the rest of the line


How does the capsule differ from NICCE collection? 

The mainline NICCE is about timeless cuts and minimal lines where as White Label allows push the current aesthetic and to explore more directional ideas building more functional and technical features in the product  

And Besides tracksuits that NICCE do very well and we’re sure aspects of this will reflect in White Label, what other garments can we expect to see in the capsule?

Our capsule (White Label) range will hold a surprise every season, we want to experiment within our DNA so basically creating mutant versions of the main range


There are many fashion trends currently influencing the designs space right now. What current trends would you say the capsule includes?

90’s sports, ocean racing, California sunsets, oversizing and colour play


We’ve seen that ‘White Label’ series is in homage of the prestige of white label vinyl

Records, back when vinyl’s were produced in a limited run creating buzz around new tracks and singles. Does music influence a lot of the designs that are reflected in the White Label capsule?

Of course, music is an integral part of our everyday lives, good music is good music from any genre

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Bold, graphic angular cut and sew pieces in colour-blocked pastels. Coral, white and mint tones combine to evoke memories of late summer sunsets, seen

across sweats and jersey to nylon jackets and ponchos

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