This week we have linked up with upcoming UK designer, Jaye Parson. He caught our eye on Instagram with his jacket designs. 

Tell us the story of how you got into jacket design:
It was fate. January 2017 I returned to London from living in Toronto. It was my first day back in the UK I was invited to the after party of Rae Sremmurd. At the time they were on tour in the UK and had their hit song Black Beatles. I wore one of my personal biker jackets. I was back stage and leaving the toilets and I stumbled past one of the band members Swae Lee. He asked me where I got my jacket from. I said it was mine I designed it. He asked me if I had anymore and if I was around tomorrow. He said come and join me on my tour and I brought along one of my jackets. He loved it. Wore it and tagged me in the picture on Instagram. He also wore the jacket in the Pretty Little Things commercial. I started accumulating all these followers. People enquiring about the jackets. The rest is history.

What has been your favourite jacket to design?
My latest one the Moschino one. It’s black leather with gold metals. I used the Moschino belts as inspiration to form the piece. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Created a Michael Jackson inspired 80’s gold zip jacket.

Who are you loving in the UK fashion scene right now?
To be honest nobody but myself. As you can probably see from my Instagram I do not follow anyone. I get my inspiration from my surroundings, nature, music and general people culture.

The music industry is clearly a strong influence within your work. If you could chose one song that reflects your style, what would it be?
Human Nature by Michael Jackson. It’s one of my favourite songs. Basically human nature is like a healthy balance between the mayhem and chaos that is going on in the world. Michael Jackson has always been a big influence I have him tattooed on my arm. He makes you feel. When I put out a new jacket I want to make the audience feel something too.





Check out Jaye's Instagram here.