A brand that has caught our eye this week is Du-Luxe, the UK's first premium luxury durag brand. 

Waves on swim in ultimate style! 


Originating in London, the brand has been started by a group of entrepreneurs in South London. After noticing they couldn't find a baby pink durag anywhere on the market (which we now want too), this sparked their idea to create their own range... so Du Luxe began!




"For the wave-conscious sleeper, to the fashion-statement maker and everyone else inbetween"



The durags are made of a 100% satin underlay along a two way stretch velvet material. Breathable and comfortable, you can stunt in your luxurious durag for any occasion. 



(Image from @duluxe_official insta)

(Image from @duluxe_official insta)

The current full collection includes durags for males, females and a recently launched infant & junior range. You can even personalise your durag with your name or initials with luxe-embroidery. What more could you ask for in a durag?! Shop the collection here.

Photography: @leroydasilva Stylist: @zawedde_ Models: @angelanakato, @dami_bk, @laursst, @boluthebear, @josh_luxe

Photography: @leroydasilva
Stylist: @zawedde_
Models: @angelanakato, @dami_bk, @laursst, @boluthebear, @josh_luxe