Straight off the Runway and to the AFROPUNK Festival

A festival about diversity, creativity and celebration. AFROPUNK FEST London brought music, good vibes and plenty of colour to London last weekend! So we've brought some of the colour to you! Take a look at all the amazing fashion of this year's AFROPUNK FEST's attendees.

A flower in bloom. kameleronda gives us LIFE with her stand out look at AFROPUNK. Not only is she the most beautiful flower we've seen, her gorgeous afro flourishes with the flowers it harvests. 

It’s all about love and self expression. And loving everyone’s self expression, and expressing your love
— AFROPUNK Attendee

The colour, the highlight, the braids, jadelaurice - all POPPIN'! 

AFROPUNK is art. I am art. You are art. That’s why we belong here. Together.
— AFROPUNK Attendee

Bright colours, vibrant prints and smiles all round was the general look at this year's AFROPUNK FERST 2017.

2017 is the year yellow made a come-back. And abdelkeitatavares couldn't have worn the colour any better. And how could we not mention the fabulous trio of hats!

mariette_immaculateneomisia, and kelen.lima layer up in patterns galore. Fun, festival fashion. 

It's time to double up. Double trouble, double the fun! Whether it be denim on denim, sequin on sequin or fabulous on fabulous. thaianeae and magavilhas bring back the classic looks in fashion but add a bit of...PUNK!


Simple, clean yet sophisticated. If anyone knew how to play it cool, let the textures of the materials and the subtle accessory additions make a lit outfit, it was definitely these two: jakwob_ and rockynti


Name a better looking duo...we'll wait.

mulannoir & laurenzo_fab


And just like magic..POOF..we made a magician appear.

And he looked damn good when he did!

troymagician made an appearance at AFROPUNK looking fly in a monochrome print shirt as he observed the world in a rose tinted view...literally.


Looking this good must be thirsty work!


These two attacked AFROPUNK like they were attacking the runway. Colour co-ordination was on point! Accessoriesed with the new Snapchat specs!

If this isn't couple goals, then we don't know what is! 

ellenxtellnobody and @mr_chids


I think it's fair to say the fashion looks created at this year's AFROPUNK FEST 2017 were as vibrant, and as LIT 🔥 as the event itself! Catch all of our favourites from this year's festival on our Instagram page blaized_uk


Find ore about AFROPUNK FEST 2017 here!