Stone Island's Colour Changing 'Ice Knit' Jumper

Dave never fails to leave us in amazement whether it’s with his thought provoking bars or his innovative fashion. And this item in particular, raised many questions.

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Stone Island

It may not be new, but there are still a lot of questions flying around, so let's get them answered!

Released earlier this fall season, Stone Island introduced us to their double knit thermo-sensitive sweatshirt. The outer yarn is constructed of a thermos-sensitive material, so when exposed to cooler temperatures, the fabric changes colour. Yet the inner fabric is pure wool, providing ultimate warmth and comfort.


The ‘Ice’ series distinct styles ranged from emerald – military, ivory - anthracite, green and yellow – orange.

Although not many sizes remain, the £1,395 jumper can be found from the Stone Island website.