'Poet in Da Corner' Hits the Main Stage

Writer, performer, lyricist and dancer Debris Stevenson, has made a truly inspirational piece of theatre. Inspired by Dizzee Rascal’s ‘Boy In the Corner’ legendary, Mercury Prize winning album from 2003, the play accounts Debris life and journey into Grime music.

Paying homage to Grime and so many of the pioneers in the scene, ‘Poet in the Corner’ is a performance that taps into so many relatable moments, emotions and passion for the art craft.


Humour and mesmerising choreography, accompanied with the hardest bars, this show will have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

Apart from reminding us why we love Grime music so much in the first place, it highlights on the complexities behind the production of the music, as Debris discusses how she studied Shakespeare and Byron’s “flow patterns” at university, which, combined with inspiration from Dizziee, she applied the knowledge when in the creative process of making her bars.

And if Debris’s slick lyrics weren’t enough, the performance features grime icon Jammz playing her best friend, SS Vyper.

The narrative about grime in the media is often very reductive, and it often orientates around violence. But for all these people I know, grime was salvation for them, education for them, entrepreneurship
— Debris Stevenson, Evening Standard Interview

With hopes of the main man himself, Dizzee, seeing the show, over the weekend, he paid a visit. After watching the performance, he joined Debris, stating in an Instagram video “everyone needs to come and support this, words can’t explain”.


Tickets are selling out fast, so ensure you grab the final remaining few here. It’s not a show to be missed!