“good things are about to happen to you”

Just because the car is on fire, doesn’t mean you can’t walk out the journey
— Koby Martin, 'Set My Drive on Fire'
Koby Martin 'Asiamah' Exhibition, The Old Street Gallery

Koby Martin 'Asiamah' Exhibition, The Old Street Gallery

Koby Martin, took us on an emotional, yet thought provoking journey at his third art exhibition ‘Asiamah’ (his family name, meaning “good things are about to happen to you”). An exhibition very close to his heart, his work expressed the grieving journey that Koby experienced as a result of the loss of his father.

The loss of someone can either break or make you and that is a decision for the individual to make. I made mine and took it to God in prayer; and he became my light in the dark
— Koby Martin, 'Consoling Isolation with Loneliness'
Consoling Isolation with Loneliness - Koby Martin

Consoling Isolation with Loneliness - Koby Martin


The timeline of imagery depicts grief, sorrow, and pain, as Koby expressed the impact of losing such a prominent role in his life.

‘Have you ever got lost trying to find yourself? Well that’s the best way I can explain losing someone so prominent in my life’

Not only does he explain the key position his father had in his life, but reminds us of the responsibility and the role that a father plays in any house hold, and to lose that central figure can be detrimental to any foundation.

Known for his vibrant colour pallet and strong symbolism throughout his work, the symbols remained, however this project was a lot darker than his previous pieces. The personal documentary of his emotions and his thoughts during this hard time enables you to connect with the artist on a deeper level, as though you are in his conscience during the creative process that stimulated his art.

The canvases are white by default. They were painted black to capture the space of mourning and grief I was in. I lost my sense of direction without my father; I couldn’t figure my way out of the dark.
— Koby Martin, 'PSALM 91 vs 11(2)'
PSALM 91 vs 11(2) - Koby Martin

PSALM 91 vs 11(2) - Koby Martin

Yet through the sadness comes faith. God provided Koby with the strength and direction he needed when he was at one of his lowest points in life

‘A dove(s) in my work, symbolically represents the presence of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, the presence of three doves depict the Holy Trinity: The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit’.

We asked him:

Why now? Why did you feel like now was the right time to face the trauma that you had been experiencing, and supressing?

I don’t have control over what I create. I always allow my works to be spirit led. I felt that’s what God wanted me to talk about.

This project is touching, engaging and pays homage to his religion and his family.

Although the exhibition has come to an end, prints of some selected pieces will be available from his website.

Art is meant to comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable
— Koby Martin, DAZED Interview