Why we're disappointed by the ending to Game Of Thrones


And there we have it, hours of cramming, muting key words on Twitter and countless calculations working out how this all may come to a climax…all to be some-what disheartened.

Speechless, confused, or just angry, its fair to say that the GOT non-believers have been waiting for this precise moment, to dwell in our disappointment just to say ‘I told you so’.


The series took the world by storm with its intricate storylines and ‘no fucks’ attitude as characters who you thought held importance would get killed off episode after episode. But after months of dissecting various family trees, and feeling fairly fluent in Dothraki, it was fair to say the lack lustre ending left many of us feeling some what disappointed.


Without giving too much away for those of you who are frantically trying to catch up or those watching the series in your own time, there were many scenes which make you feel as though you’ve got all the answers. You’ve cracked the code! Ones that you think are packed with clues, however, I think it’s fair to say…they’re not. And @Cindtrillella kindly pulled together a Twitter thread to question “What was the fucking point?”.

What was the fucking point part 1?:

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Many of us are upset, not only because scenes occurred that seemed to have little/no impact in much of the story, but because there was a possibility for something dramatic to happen…and it just didn’t.

The annoyance didn’t stop there, UK grime artist, Ghetts, voiced his thoughts on the news where he proclaimed ‘I want to throw the whole of season 8 in the drain’

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I said what I said 😩 Kmt #GOT on a lighter note lol

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Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and maybe we are all missing the deeper messages hidden within the some what perplexing choice of ending. But what a journey we’ve been on. For those of you who have not indulged in the series, don’t be turned off (despite our complaining). Series 1-6 was incredibly strong, gore and graphics like you’ve never seen them before. From season 7 is where things take a slight bump in terms of entertainment factor, and by season 8, despite one key episode (no spoilers), the series ends on a pretty steady decline.

While most of us are looking to blame our friends for over-hyping a show that has left so many of us disheartened, but at least we braved the cold winters together!