Who Said Film Is Dead?

We interviewed Film By Todd to find out about the low down on film photography and if there really is a secret to taking the perfect picture! 

“I shoot in film because it captures such a Raw and real image, no edits and no tweaking. Just a natural picture. And because you can't see the picture straight away, it’s exciting. It makes every shot you take mean something and when you get them printed, it takes you back to when you captured the image. That’s the beauty of film photography.

My photography is very natural and relaxed style of shooting, I never force it, when I work I like a relaxed vibe and always comes out with the best outcome! 


When it comes to taking a good picture, everyone wants to know what the secret is. But that’s the thing! There's no real trick! The chemistry between me and the model must be there. 

It’s like back when I shot Section Boys. I think that project had to be one of my favourites so far. My aim is for photography to take me travelling around the world meeting and shooting with influential people and I’ve been listening to Section Boys for years. Me doing my photography has taken me to a place where I could do a shoot with them, so this was a huge step for me. 

When it comes to concepts, I base these on people's style and personality. I like to let people express themselves with their own style, and using locations that compliment this resulting in each outcome being unique and original. 

We have to have a vibe and it will all come together.
— Film By Todd

I think these days, film is popular again because it's a very nostalgic feel and everyone remembers using disposables. It brings back that old-school feeling. The good old times. Plus, big artists are getting their pictures in film, which has helped the wave.

And, although I do love photography and film because I love the fact that you get to meet so many different people, there is no limit with using your mind and really getting to create your own vision. I still do have my pet hates! Mainly relying on the unpredictable English weather. One minute I could be shooting in mad hot weather and then half way through the shoot, mad rain, gotta make it work though. 

I’ve got some really exciting things happening though, so everyone needs to stay tuned! Recently had some big names in the music scene right now hit me up! I’m not revealing anything, so just stay posted!”