Out of This World!

I started at Birmingham City University studying Computer Science. I was definitely a nerd! A cool nerd though! Haha, I started hanging out with the visual communication students and seeing all the graphics they were creating, it inspired me. I started playing around, created crap, I knew I was creating crap but it didn’t stop me! I kept pushing it. I was creating an art piece every two days, that was the energy I had back then!

Now, three years later, I take my time with my work, the energy is different. The work I create now has to mean something to me. It has to connect with me at that current moment. I work on one piece, leave it for a bit, come back to it, re-work it. And from this new approach, I’ve found my lane. It was hard to find my lane, so, so hard but I’ve found it now. No one can question me when it comes to pantone or colour palettes, I know my work inside and out. I’m a graphic collage artists and I love it.

“Everyone’s doing it, you don’t just want to be another person who’s done it. You want to blow them out the water!”
— Taz

Waiting is a good thing. Patience is a good thing.


And the responses of people who see my work is amazing! That kind of stuff motivates you to better, yourself and your product.  People all the way in America and other countries have been asking me for wallpapers, to know my work is reaching to people that far out is just incredible. It’s just the start!


If you wasn’t a graphic designer, what would you be?

If I wasn’t a graphic designer, I would still do something to do with computers. I don’t like being put in a box. I hate it, so to prevent being in the box, I switch things up. I incorporate a range of skills and techniques into my work including things like music production and visual production techniques. At the moment, I’m event working on an EP, very chilled something I can relax to. Man of many skills eyy!

What’s your favourite piece of art that you have made?

I don’t know, they’re all my babies I love them all equally. There’s some of them that I look at and think ‘I could have done this here’ but I still love them all. I really love most of my vintage pieces too.

But if I really had to pick one…I would choose the one with the mannequin.

I made the mannequin one in 2015, I think I was at the peak of my artistry. When I created that piece, my mind-set, my understanding, my everything was growing, mentally, physically. From that point, I knew ‘People will know who I am’. I knew who I was, it was the moment of growth and moment of understanding. After that I didn’t do work for a few months because I didn’t know where to go with it but I knew it was where I want to be.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.17.58.png

What influences your art now?

A range of things can influence my art. People I chill with, people I see, life experiences, overall environment.  


What’s been your favourite collaboration?

I love all my collabs. It was such good energy and such good vibes. Couple things that I’ve made with SBTV, taking it away visually, a couple things I’ve done for a house record label. It took some time but they liked it and I liked it and bridging it out from visual to website design, it was fun, something new. Through some collaborations, I’ve made some many large-scale industry contacts which is great.


My career’s like Drake’s career in a way. I’ll do visual design and own it here, I’ll just jump over to music and own it there, I might even go to photography!


Blaized Magazine might have to be one of my favourite collaborations! Blaized is something fresh, something new, people will run to that. People gravitate to the things they want to see and I loved being a part of its creation!


The most important thing is that you can’t limit yourself to what you can and can’t do. So many things we listen to or see now are things that came around by accident and experimentation. This ‘unfinished’ vibe is the whole new thing; Kanye West’s creations, Drake’s more life. Have fun with your work, freestyle with it, play around and let it come naturally, that’s when you’ll come across a diamond.


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