"Tour Cancelled" Case Study 3

What should we expect from the tour?

The unexpected. It's a marketing stunt we used to construct the identity of the 3rd capsule which I like to now call studies. So rather than an actual 'Tour' of acts etc. we are presenting a capsule collection.


What inspired the tour?

Pretty much how all our capsules come into play, our surroundings. Right now there's a high climate in Tour merch being formed into streetwear. We wanted to take an alternative approach to that exact idea. But rather than being an artist that's promoting a tour, why not flip it and create a body of work that communicates the cancellation of a tour. This way we can put everyone who buys into the idea and product onto the same plane. I feel that your merch used to have a respected value, well back in the day. You actually had to go to a concert of your favourite artist and buy the merch there and then. It was the only way you and others would know you actually attended. There was a high level of authenticity. It's like having that rare piece no one has. Now, you can get artist merch anyway and I mean anywhere. From Justin Bieber 'Purpose tour' being stocked in Selfridges, to Kanye West doing multiple pop-ups to buy his tour products. I mean it's great for the culture and the youth, especially those who didn't get to physically go to any of the concerts. But then there lacks transparency of those who actually went. Reason to why we created this body of work. We created an idea that puts everyone one on the same page because the our so called tour never happened - "No Tour".


So it’s all clothing! No actual tour with acts?

Lol, nope. The only big acts you will see is the 4 pieces capsule


So is this your big official launch?

Our official launch is still yet to come. I mean we are still growing and learning the ropes. I mean I've been away for a few years building my experiences with the likes of Nike and Tommy Hilfiger over in Amsterdam. So I've been crazy busy but now, with the end of full time education - it's time to work on the bigger picture.


What should we expect in the future?

A lot, like seriously. More drops for ya head tops definitely. Woke up video by BDE&FLEX which is looking crazy! Our second event installation Vol.01 (previous was vol.00) and hopefully our collection 1. It's all about timing, we are in no rush but we are aware of the fashion climate. Regardless it's going to be a good year and future so watch how you speak on my name, ya know!


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