Not all Hero's Wear Capes

What inspired your exhibition art pieces?

My artwork was inspired by the energetic Dalston Lane peace mural (1985) and the musicians in the protest march. I have created a narrative that combines my interest of both comics and Jazz music. The story explores the characteristics of a Jazz band and reflects the culture of Hackney and the local community where I have been brought up


What does your artwork represent?

My artwork represents the culture of Hackney and my identity


Do you have any more exhibitions planned?

I will be part of another exhibition which will launch in June at ' Lift' in Dalston titled 'Black Boy Joy' which will showcase an all black male line up of different artists and musicians


What advice would you give to people who want to have an exhibition?

I would advise them to go for it! And promote it as much as they can on social media!


Where can people go to see more of your art?

My Instagram @solothehero_


Was there a feeling at the time that you were doing something important and new, making a change?

When I was painting the 'Jazz' mural on Dalston Roof Park I felt it was very important because most of my artwork focuses on black representation which I strongly believe there needs to be more of in the art world. Also being brought up in East London, Hackney it allowed me to reflect my own identity and get involved in something in my local community.


Was there an audience for the work at the time – and if so what was their reaction to it?

Yeah, the people that work at Dalston Roofpark and Bootstrap Company and we also had an art launch/exhibition which also presented work by other illustrators. There were very positive reactions to the mural and people stated that the artwork was very strong and powerful which was great!


Looking back at these works, what you do think about them now?

Looking back at the artwork It has given me confidence to want to create more murals, this being my first commissioned mural and many more coming in the future.


Check out more of Solo's art on his Instagram  here!