Fenty through the years

With 'International Women's Day' on the way the article is dedicated to the female readers.

One of the most influential trainers to this day for the ladies has to be Puma X Fenty. There have been many models of the trainers but the first was the puma Creepers.

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The puma creeper was a revamp of the well-known and common puma suede loved by most. The difference with the trainer is mainly the sole of the trainer, the rigged and heightened sole made the trainer appeal a lot more to the female audience. This was taken from one of Rihanna favourite pieces of footwear at the time. (Which were creepers)

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Months down the line Rihanna and the Puma Fenty collection release the true original sneaker design from the partnership and this all-new Trainer has a super high-top like structure but fits and feels like a comfortable running shoe. The lace-less trainer drew lots of attention as it gave a futuristic vibe.

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Rihanna and PUMA keep the striking, and this time with one of a kind style, the Bow Sneaker and Slide. The collab by Rihanna's PUMA line includes a sleek glossy silk upper in pink or olive with for the sprinter outline like the exemplary R698 with a huge bow. A similar look is reflected on the slide. The first slide to release was covered in fur and was very popular at the time as that was in style.

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Rihanna's prevalent line with Puma increases another new outline this mid-2017 with the Fenty Trainer Hi. Another completely striking model from Rihanna, the Trainer Hi includes a mix of sport and lifestyle in a blend of premium Leather and mesh with a big midfoot strap. The plan likewise includes an interesting arrangement of versatile strings on the average side of the lower leg for a flexible feel.

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Rihanna and Puma are back with another addition to their FENTY collection with this eye-catching Chelsea Sneakerboot. This boot borrows from the updated design of the most recently released Creeper with the double-layered sole that provides a bold foundation, while the signature Chelsea boot upper adds in the Puma strike for its own unique spin.

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Rihanna and Puma’s partnership continues to bear some unique designs, with one of the boldest iterations being the FENTY Trainer Mid. Rihanna’ Trainer Mid series blends a mixture of sports and lifestyle aesthetics with premium materials adorning the upper and a utility-inspired outsole engineered for functionality.

As the time goes by this collab always seems to progress in popularity and style.

Let us know how you feel about the designs through the years.

Photos: courtesy of sneakernews, google