OFF White x VaporMax 2.0

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 22.13.21.png

The Top Ten will go down in history for one of the biggest releases Nike has ever done. I amongst others couldn't grab the OFF WHITE X VaporMax.

But not to worry as it's been confirmed that not one but TWO new colourways are set to release this year when we thought Virgil Abloh was finished with Nike he has come to break the rules and change the game.

The first of the two colourways is a blacked out version of the original and the other is all white. There are some differences in the second generation of the OFF WHITE X Vapormax.

firstly the tongue of the first gen had an off-white foam which could stick out depending on the look you were going for, is a lot thinner in the second gen as well as the colour (it either being white or black)

the darkened air bubble in the first gen has been replaced with an icy blue sole similar to the OFF WHITE air max 90.

The lace and swoosh match the colour of the trainer and have the same features as the original (the stitching around the swoosh and quotation on the lace)

Don't think these are going to be easier than the first gen to snatch. Stay on your toes because once they are gone that's you paying a crazy resale price.

Let us know on your favourite pair of OFF White Vapormax's or Vapormax in general.

Drop Date: February 2018