All that glitters isn’t gold… no, it’s the 97 LX Swarovski silver bullet

With all of Nike's latest releases and collabs, we want to spend some time reminiscing over some of our Nike faves!

And today, its the to die for 97 LX Swarovski Silver Bullet

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On the 7th September 2017, the Nike Air Max 97 LX Swarovski Silver bullet which was designed exclusively for women was released after the black colour way being introduced to us at the end of last year, the lux shoe pretty much sold out straight away despite being priced at £319.95

Dipped in 55,690 Swarovski crystals, Cinderella will definitely be going to the ball...with her crep game on point that is!

The densely clustered Swarovski crystal fabric gives a glistening appearance on the upper section of the shoe which cannot be missed whilst still translating the key construct such as bold metallic stand out palettes and reflective panels of 90s design that we know and love whilst giving us that custom sneaker feel. This is a fantastically re worked classic, the smooth, dazzling design finished off with a red coloured swoosh across the sidewall of the shoe and visible air unit sole are all part of the reason why we love the Air Max 97 LX Swarovski Silver bullet.

Screen Shot 2018-02-13 at 22.32.42.png

Marie Crow, Nike Material Design Director for NikeWomen Sportswear said “We were looking to explore shine and durability in a new and innovative way, and we loved the juxtaposition of the Crystal Fabric’s tough sparkle to reinvent an already iconic shoe.”

“The fabric was applied through a heat fusing process, without any stitching, that uses precise pattern pieces — varying for each shoe size — to curve around the waves of the 97, including the expanse of the one-piece rand. As the shoe moves, the crystals refract light with a bright, shimmering effect “

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Keep your eyes peeled to see what other Nike releases are some of Blaized's faves!