We Celebrate 20-Years of the Nike Air Max Plus TN

20-years later and we love them more than ever. Sean McDowell, back in 1998, designed the first ever Nike Air Max Plus Tuned (TN).

I hung out on the Florida beaches and just thought and sketched — it was one of my most creative times
— Sean McDowell, designer of the Nike Air Max Plus TN

Inspired by the view of dusk in Florida’s sky, the sun setting and the tonal range for the TN was born (originally named ‘Sky Air’) - The first colour-way being the dark blue fading into a light pale shade.

The sky remained his inspiration with the golden sunset tones, producing ‘Sunset’ aka Orange Tiger. The black design lines were a more tech-y, geometric illustration of the palm trees that he saw when admiring the sky.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 16.49.39.png
I grew up a runner, and you learn to always run facing traffic so that cars can see you, and I thought, ‘But it’s weird they put reflectivity on the back of almost every shoe when you need reflectivity all the way up the front. So I put bars of reflectivity going all the way up the forefoot, the vamp and the tongue.
— Sean McDowell (Interview with Nike News)

Although adored by many in the streetwear fashion sphere, the shoe’s lightweight nature made it perfect for runners, giving them stability and support with the foam sole and Tuned Air cushioning.

Since the Nike Air Max Plus TN hit the shelves, it’s been nothing but a success and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down.

I saw somebody who got their whole foot tattooed in the pattern of the Tuned Air. The bottom of their foot has the outsole. The stripes and Swoosh on the sides, black all the way up the back with the Tn logo on the back. It’s wild.
— Sean McDowell (Interview with Nike News)

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, along with the futuristic-retro campaign clips, Foot Locker hosted an event at their Marble Arch store with YouTube sensation Nella Rose.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 17.23.17.png

The new shoe is available to purchase from store in Hyper Blue, Sunset and Purple. Shop here