Colour blocking is a massive trend this season and Olly Unwin is a pro.

We got talking to the fashion forward youngster, Olly Unwin, to find what styles he loves, what trends he hates and who inspires him. He’s also shared a couple of sick looks with us, that we’ve taken the liberty of breaking down for you guys so you can create your own colour blocking fits.


“I was obsessed with supreme and palace with absolutely no style.”

Tell us a bit about yourself. Where are you from? How long have you been interested in fashion and clothing? 

“My name’s Olly, I’m 17 years old and I’m from Dorset in South England, I’ve probably been into fashion just under two years. It all started with the stereotypical straight up hypebeast — I was obsessed with Supreme and Palace with absolutely no style. I then got inspiration from @gullyguyleo , he changed how I saw fashion and although he was also a hypebeast it made me want to try and style outfits better using colour coordination and to start posting on Instagram.”

What are your favourite trends in fashion at the moment and why?

“Adding accessories such as rings and other jewelry can also add a lot to an outfit in my opinion and is definitely trending at the moment amongst mens fashion. I honestly love the dad sneaker trend as well, not because of the hype and not specifically the Balenciaga Triple S. I just love overly chunky, ridiculous looking sneakers. Minimal colours and simplicity is also very aesthetically pleasing and is often better than overdoing it with layers.”

What trends would you be happy to say goodbye to in 2019 and why?

“Chunky sneakers and skinny jeans. I’m sorry but that really shouldn’t be allowed. You’d be surprised with how often I see people doing this.”


“Balenciaga is by far my favourite brand, I also like Prada.”

Who or what would you say influences your style the most and why?

“A lot of content that I see on Instagram strongly influences my style and I often try to replicate certain features that influencers are incorporating into their fits, but not too closely otherwise it’s just copying. Tv shows and films also influence my style.”

Who are your favourite brands at the moment and why? Where do you buy most of your clothes?

“I really like a lot of high end brands at the moment. Balenciaga is by far my favourite brand, I also like Prada. As much as I love Burberry it’s fairly overdone now. Ader Error is also F***ing sick.”

Photographed:  @ollyunwin  - Instagram

Photographed: @ollyunwin - Instagram

Shop The Look:

Hat — Norse Projects Oxford Bucket Hat, £75

Sweater — Champion Reverse Weave Logo Crew Sweatshirt, £55 (the original is from a previous Ader Error collection)

Bottoms — Dickies Original 874 Work Pant, £45 (These were then customised by cropping them with fabric scissors)

Sneakers — Nike Air Force 1 '07 Low Essential, £75


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