Sunday Selections

1) Nike Air force 1

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 17.33.29.png

The former "everyday shoe" this goes without saying that the AF1 is a shoe that will remain in the hearts of us and some of our parents. This trainer has taken so many routes and all for the best. The most popular ones for the urban culture at the moment is the special force (the Nike SF Air Force 1 Men's Boot. Taking inspiration from Nike Special Field boots, this shoe lets you add a military look to your everyday style). The original use of the trainer was for basketball but we all know now that you cant use it for sports but sporty wear (joggers or track fit), definitely a retro feel to the trainer.

2) Balenciaga speed trainer


This is considered the "shoe of 2017" and one of the worlds popular, functional sports trainer and luxury footwear silhouette, high-end fashion house Balenciaga have to offer. With a black and white color-way combo, the uppers feature a knit sock construction, while the textured sole highlights innovative shock absorption and memory capabilities. The logo is found on the side panel as well as on the rear area sole. Though the trainer is sports wear, for the price it’s mainly worn for luxury purposes and suits the urban and rock star look.

3) Air Max 97

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These now go above the AF1 as the "everyday shoe". Nike have noticed the crazy hype for this trainer from early 2017 and now there have been so many hybrids (fusion of multiple Nike kicks) and celeb collabs that this may soon be one of the most purchased trainer in the air max collection and maybe Nike urban wear in general. It can be worn as sports wear or if you were going for a very hipster or urban look this shoes falls right into place. Also never forgetting this is a retro trainer so it can look very vintage.

4) Yeezy Boosts 350


This trainer has lived up to the hype but is one of the most difficult trainers to get your hands on for retail price, but yet there is so many people out and around who seemed to be laced with them. The Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 is a low-top sneaker designed by Kanye West and Adidas. The shoe is famous for the “SPLY-350” patterns on the upper. The collab with kanye and Adidas has been very successful and continues with from his first version of the boost 350, 500 and the 700.unfortantley if you were looking to go for a retro or vintage look this trainer doesn’t fit that criteria. But this trainer does fit a hipster look as well as the urban feel we know and love

5) Alexander McQueen runway sneakers.


These trainers have become very popular very quickly. This classic style is elevated with a chunky rubber sole that features a built-in wedge for height and comfort. This is what makes the shoes mainly look different to the Adidas Stan Smiths to the naked eye as well the designer's logo in opulent gold on the heel panel.  This trainer can be worn with almost anything if you are into the oversized trainer look like the Balenciaga triple s.

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Tedmond Oputa