WE’RE OBSESSED WITH: Miraa May, the ‘Tottenham songbird’

Name: Miraa May

From: Algerian born, North London - Tottenham based 

You’d love her if you like: Jorja Smith

Her beautiful soft voice is the perfect music for late night car drives, relaxing in bed or just a feel-good vibe. Obsessed with her latest song ‘Nobody’, it’s one we’ve had on repeat. 

Through her contemporary R&B and soulful sound, Miraa always emphasises the importance of the message in her songs and how important is to address key issues through music. In her latest song ‘Nobody’ she introduces us to who she is a s a person and takes us on the journey about topics that are important to her

“Tell em I don’t bow down to nobody, Only trust God and my family” reminding people that ‘time is precious, better spend that wisely’

And if the vocals weren’t lovely enough, the visuals match, filmed by her friend Mahaneela capturing a montage of Miraa’s enlightening trip to LA. The video gives us a real insight into who Miraa May is, including clips of exploration, religion, family and happiness.

I wanted the video to be extremely inclusive. My main goal was for people of all races and religions to feel represented and appreciated, and to shed light on positivity because the world has been so dark recently. It was starting to suck the life out of me. I also wanted to showcase how beautiful happiness is. When I watch the video I feel happy
— Miraa May

The song ‘Nobody’ is a track that features on her 5-track EP, Care Package. Her EP is apparently built of her key themes: love, life, sadness, relationships, cooking, gaming and Anime, hence the idea of the cover’s artwork.