The wait is over, NSG drop OT Bop

Stretch your limbs, get your neon/designer drip on and let’s go. It’s time to OT Bop.

The long awaited track has finally dropped. The East London collective are back at it again. Following their charting success with ‘Options’, many have been waiting on the edge of their seats for the next NSG banger. Teasing us with short clips, lyrics and even rumours of Drake on the track, it’s no surprise that the video got over two thousand views in two hours.

While many may still be working out how many members there are in the group (there are six), or what inspires their fashion choices, one thing we can say is that NSG always drop a good track. Even before ‘Options’, their sound was strong - P.U.T.B is a personal fave.

This time, they have provided the dance moves for us, and we’re sure we will see an influx of routines gracing our Twitter timelines.

Catch them this summer as they will be performing at The Ends Festival, Wireless and more!