Isaiah Dreads takes us Back To The Future with a song for every mood

It’s a new week and I know it can be a struggle. But something that helps me is finding the perfect music to get me in the right mind-set to start my day. Today, I stumbled on Isaiah Dreads’ mixtape ‘Back To The Future’. Each song has its own unique flow, but each with the ability of making you feel that you’re unstoppable regardless of any nonsense you face in your day.

I called it Back To The Future because that’s my favourite movie trilogy
— Isaiah Dreads
Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 15.22.56.png

A song for a variety of moods, he even addresses the recurring topic that many of today’s rappers sound somewhat the same in his track ‘Ironic’. But a current favourite has to be ‘Tell Em Again’ featuring Lewisham MC Yizzy, within it’s old school grime flow and lyrical bars.

The old-school flow is often missed in many of the current sounds that are released, but Isaiah reminds us of our love for the old school MCs and why many of us originally fell in love with the grime scene. And this flow hasn’t gone unnoticed, with the Boy Better Know crew already co-signing Isaiah as one of the brightest emerging talents in the UK.

It’s just a mix of feel good songs, I had a lot of fun making all of them
— Isaiah Dreads

It may be Monday, but as always on BLAIZED we’re always ready to turn up and preparing for the weekend vibes, and who better to help us than Isaiah Dreads and Micah Million with their new visuals to the single ‘Who’s That Girl’. Valentine’s Day may be over, but it’s not too late to get the girl (or the guy).



The perfect song from the mixtape to:

Get you up and active – Do the Most

Remind you, you THAT bitch – Tell Em Again / Chill

Summer Vibe – Up Now (Also check out Hot spice - Isaiah Dreads ft. One Acen)

Party In the Club Vibe – Who’s That Girl

EP produced entirely by Zdot and artwork by James Neilson