Azryah - Imagine


The sweet sounds of UK R&B never left for those wondering..directed and edited by Abigail Sewell, Azryah has released a brand new video entitled, ‘Imagine’. The visuals within the scenery has Azryah all home alone, daydreaming on the thoughts whether that her crush loves her or not. The singer showcases her soulful soothing vocals in the brand new visuals.

“Imagine” was firstly announced and introduced on the Spotify platform and created by Omoze Ed, an special A&R who has the perfect eye and hearing on the music with many artists of today in the UK, before the artists about to blow to those who deserve more recognition, Omoze dedication to the UK R&B scene and the singers within todays scene with such examples as with the playlist besides this and her first upcoming show 360RNB showcasing the latest R&B talent with Azryah as one of those names headlining, for those who have not heard of Azryah before check out her previous single “Euphoria”