RAY BLK addresses some hard hitting topics in her new single 'Run Run'

Building Living Knowing - BLK

We are never lost for iconic moments when it comes to RAY BLK. Whether it’s her winning moment for the BBC Music Sound of 2017 award, her MOBO Nomination, or her recent signing with the legendary Island Records label. Ray’s achievements keep on coming! And her new debut single “Run Run" is another one to add to that growing list…

The stories from Run Run are real life events that I have experienced. I wrote the song as a reminder to everyone listening, not to become a product of their environment. They have the choice to better themselves and rise above their struggles. Ultimately, I want my fans to know that there’s a big world out there with many opportunities and to believe in themselves.
— Ray Blk

Released on August 8th, the single is very emotionally triggering, yet a thought provoking lyrical piece with the impactful visuals to match. Both addressing the current knife and gun crime epidemic, it is relevant and needed.

“I feel proud when my music connects with people, The music that I love is the stuff that gives it to you raw. Then you can really connect with it”
— Ray Blk

Directed by Tom Green, familiarly known for his series 'Misfits', he worked with Ray to create his first ever music video, reflecting the themes Ray speaks about throughout the song. Full of symbolism and strong iconic scenes, the video will not only captivate your attention but resinate with you, and have you reflecting on the current happenings in the world, and ones close to home.  

It was such an emotional experience making this video. The scenarios became so real and at some points hard to watch and listen to, there were tears on set. Tom Green was the best director for my vision, he really understood the direction and made something so powerful. I’m so proud of what we’ve made.
— Ray Blk
Ray Blk - Olivia

Following the single, Ray has announced that she will be performing her first major headline show since the end of 2017 at The Forum in Kentish Town on October 3rd (tickets can be purchased here) - definitely not one to be missed! 

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