Mahalia "Young & Soulful"

Mahalia B, with the smooth soulful voice, is on all of our airwaves right now. She describes her sound as "psycho acoustic soul”, which she translates as being 'very english; and that's what we love! In this current space of music and UK music taking off, now is the best time to be unapologetically english! 

Mahalia, a precious talent who was apart of our ones to watch 2018, has been interested in music since the age of 11. Growing up in Leicester, her parents bought her, her first guitar and she has truly flourished into a UK treasure. We can say that right now, it's her time to show those talents. From her breakthrough Colors Berlin performance, singing her song  "Sober" rapidly acquired over 7million views and it deserves all it's accolades. Since her hit, Mahalia is the gift that keeps on giving, supporting Jorja Smith in tour, currently on her own tour and collaborative projects with the likes of Buddy and Little Simz on "Proud Of Me". Her strong portfolio of work alone proves why she's one to watch and trust and believe, we're watching! 


We're confident that 2018 is Mahalia's year as we're only 4months (almost) in and she's already taken it by storm! She is for sure one of the boss women out there making strong waves and this alone makes her a Blaized Boss Bitch!