Rai-Elle - KSB (Always On My Mind)


The young songstress hailing from Croydon who was an X-Factor quarter finalist on its fourteenth series, freshly back with a confident debut of a song and with a colourful video showcasing her with her girls shopping and hanging out.

As quoted from Rai-Elle with her interview with The Fader “This song is uplifting and the aim was to reflect that in the video. Everything was thought out, from the bright colours throughout the video to the natural vibe and bond between me and my girls”



“Also the idea of the person being on my mind and me imagining them 24/7 is something everyone can relate to... sometimes you sit there and think about a person and that’s okay!"

After announcing her signing with the independent London label ‘MOVES’, Rai-Elle is ready for the future with goals of releasing a few albums and eventually, heading on tour.

Despite her young age, her voice sounds mature, and being musically inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill, the soulful R&B elements come shining through.

90’s inspired style with items from the Hilfiger capsule, the video is full of bright colour tones, sweet, feel good lyrics and a very talented vocalist. We’re sure this is the start of many for Rai-Elle