Ones to Watch 2018


Happy New Year !

2018 another powerful year to come..especially in the music scene after our dominance last year, we bring to you an article for those who you should keep an eye out for in 2018! Not only have we given you the 'Ones to Watch', but have made it into a Spotify playlist for you too! So enjoy and give the Spotify channel a follow as there are plenty more playlists to come! 



Boadi - A true worker in his craft with his soulful jazzy sound that reminds us of The Roots to Mali Music. With two eps that is out on Soundcloud; one of them called Bwer-Dee and with the latest one called Awomaa racking up over 36k plays with the biggest on the song called "The Feeling" with 11.9k, if you love vibes and smooth jazzy type of sounds Boadi is your guy for this year.


Ella Mai 

'Young simba, been a lion from the start!' as described in Ella's instagram bio, meaning mind out! She may be sweet, but her lion persona is the reason she's in this industry and her voice and music proves it! Signed to DJ Mustard's 10 Summers label, the London born has the credentials to take 2018 by storm and her three previous eps shows you her growth with hits like "10,000 hours" to "Lay Up" and also was on one of the biggest songs last year in UK as an feature on Chip's "Hit Me Up." DJ Mustard has a talented one on his roster, hopefully she does her thing for UK as she's overseas dominating.



"Mr Ric with The Flair" one of Croydon's finest. A2 and his introspective sound with his grind is the reasons why he's one of those to watch this year. Being one of those signed on the "Disturbing London" with a powerful roster with such acts as Yxng Bane , Yungen & Wizkid, A2 sound, style, and characteristics within his music proves that he will have longevity. His music ranges on topics such as lust, love and the vibe of feeling like the guy for example "Trade Places" to "Tell me." There are many reasons why his fan base keeps growing, with fantastic projects like his latest ep "BLUE" - this is something to check out!




Sound Never Ends...'Hackney's Golden Child' he labels himself, and with that label, his artistry proves it. Everything he brings to the track is golden in it's own way from his ode to Tiana Major 9, to his song "Jungle" and to his latest "Like Dat." Throughout them all, you can hear the influences of the West Indian islands to R&B. He is for sure up there to do bits this year and he has been going in for a while with shows happening to having eps from 2016 called "Essence." Make sure you check out his Soundcloud for all the previous.

Jvck James 

The musically talented Jvck artist on the rise for sure and defiantly on 2018's radar alert to watch out for. His R&B / Soul sound is something fresh for the scene for example, the sound he had with "House Is Not A Home". The song has a good feel vibe with jazz elements and is so poetically composed with his voice. More recently, his talent has produce him a hit with a 90's vibe called "Extroverted Lover" this one is a banger and so is the song featuring the talented Jada Maria x Venna. Can't wait upcoming bangers he has in store.



Leicester's finest, the young star who is one of Britons brightest future talents and 2018 awaits for her to shine. Just like Jorja Smith, Mahalia definitely is a mix of 90's soulful vibe with Erykah Badu & Amy Winehouse suggested to be her main  two influencers. Her style and sound will have you thinking that your back in early 2000's with her song "Sober" the official version to her Colors video which has 4.3million views and now onto her next single called "Hold On" Ft Buddy. This is proper vibes that everyone could enjoy with her gentle rasp voice on the track and the repeated chorus.



One of West London's big names in the music scene right now, Fredo is defiantly up there in his own lane when it comes to rap! His common comparison they say is 'he's like the "YG" of London' both from the west, both with the anthems, and anything he touches is a guaranteed million views! Knowing "They Ain't 100" was his first song ever made and had such huge impact, he didn't let it stop there. Now you've got to included others from "Pattern Gang" to the latest featuring Not3s called "YRF." So be sure to watch for Fredo this year with even more bangers coming.




One of Lewisham's stars, Novelist is seen as one of the figure heads for the younger generation in the music scene. He is for sure up there and with his talents from the days of clashing Cadell to being on Skepta's "Konnichiwa" album on a song called "Lyrics", then with his two eps in 2017, 2018 his lyrical display on tracks shall be heard and watch out for.


Honorable Mention : IAMDDB 

IAMDDB aka I Am Diana DeBrito, Manchesters latest musical talent a soulful voice but so raw with it, the authenticity within her music visuals just her whole profile is just few of the reasons why 2018 shall be her year! Coming off songs from the previous years such as "Leaned Out" , "Shade" & then "More" racking up nearly 12million views with just those trio songs, IAMDDB will take 2018 by storm, we're sure of it.

Dejeé Jno-Baptiste