The UK Sound isn't playing games: 2018 UK Music success

Last year was an abundance of success for the UK scene and we’re sure this year will follow suit. Whether it be photographers shooting huge campaigns, models on some of the biggest runways, new brands dressing some well known names, and of course, the music.

Spotify kindly shared with us their annual stats for individual artists, showcasing their number of streams, fans, the amount of hours their songs were listened to and the number of countries reached for the year.

We’re sure that you’ve probably stumbled over a few of these as they appear on your timeline. But the growth and evolution of the UK scene last year, across a variety of genres, is not one to be downplayed or missed. And it definitely not to be forgotten

So, to celebrate and say ‘Thank You for’ all of the vibes, the pre drink tunes, the morning get up bangers, ‘collect your man’ melodies, ‘weekend anthems’, ‘secure the bag’ sounds, and the lyrics that helped us all define our ‘mood’ we have collated some of Spotify’s  Wrapped 2018 reports, and made a playlist with BLAIZED UK’s Vibes for you to enjoy.

2018 was strong for the UK scene, with repeated features in the UK charts, trending on twitter, countless challenges and remixes, and 2019 will be even better