Meet South London Rapper DeeRiginal: A breath of fresh air.

With an undeniably captivating flow, DeeRiginal is one of London’s best kept secrets. 

From making recordings in his bedroom to performing around London, Over the years he has made immense growth as an artist and this can be noticed as you look back at his musical journey from his fire in the streets on Charlie Sloth’s channel to single ‘Oh Mary’, his EP Mayday which speaks on the state of our world, the wars that we are currently facing amongst people as well as within ourselves and his latest project Pride which speaks on pride and love within a relationship.

He is a musician in its truest form as he uses music as a form of expression to more than often speak on personal and social issues that are relatable, relevant and honest, What I love about DeeRiginal is the energy he brings to each track as well as the energy he channels through his performances and his ability to take you on a journey as you listen to his music. Find out why I’ve named DeeRiginal one of London’s best kept secrets.

Describe yourself and musical sound in two words?


How did you come up with the name DeeRiginal and what does it mean?

Back in the day when I first started I had a lot of cliché stage names, one of them was ‘Original Dee’. One random day at school a classmate suggested I flip the name around and remove the O then boom… ‘DeeRiginal’ was born.

Meaning wise it’s my way of saying be proud of who you are, we’re all the same as humans but at the same time it’s our individual traits that make us who we are so for me it’s an ‘embracing yourself’ sort of thing.


Being from London what are/were your musical influences?

Back in the early 00’s right up until just before I started making music in 2010; MTV Base and Channel U was all I really watched on TV music wise. So predominantly it was Hip-Hop, R&B and Grime that I listened to. Having said that at this point of my career even though those Genre’s are my core preference my ears are still open to a much wider scale of music. Ever since I hit a festival my appreciation for live music has gone through the roof.  Ever since I started watching anime I’ve grown fond of Japanese songs I don’t even understand it’s crazy still.


More time conversation is a stimulant for me as a songwriter. Just talking with people I find myself coming up with mad analogies and quotables.

What do you think of the UK rap scene right now? And where would you place yourself within in?

The scene is growing, the international exposure is here and the numbers and responses on the internet are proof.


To be Honest, in terms of my place it’s a strange one. I’m just focused on telling my story and reaching people who appreciate what I do. I’d rather 500 dedicated listeners than 10,000 people who don’t really care. For me it’s value and quality. I’m not here to be everybody’s favorite. As friendly as I am I don’t see myself as a people’s person in terms of social popularity. For me it’s about genuine behavior and longevity not hype for the sake of it. I work hard but I don’t force things, the world will catch up as long as I continue to consistently make moves that make sense.


Fame or success?

SUCCESS, like I said before, 500 people buying into your product is way more important than 10,000 people listening but not doing anything after that. You can be famous with millions of followers but if all they do is pree your posts what is the point? It’s like fast food vs home cooked food. Wings and chips taste good but not long afterwards I’m hungry again. When mum cooks that proper food I’m full and healthy.

First word that comes to mind. 'Music'



If you could give a younger you advice what would it be?

Research! most things you think are out of your reach are NOT. Google and Youtube is the new library bmt. The quicker you learn the more advantage you have.


What do you see in the future for yourself, what can we expect from you?

 Another project is pending… details will be released soon


Tell us about your latest project PRIDE

I’ve been in a relationship for over a year now, this being my first and God-willingly my only one. I decided to speak on it hence why I wrote the song. At the end of the day pettiness aside the love is still there regardless. It’s an experience that has and still is helping me grow as a person.

Listen and buy to DeeRiginal’s Latest project PRIDE