ellesse 'Make It Music'

 Over the previous and next remaining months of 2017, ellesse know to go big or go home!

They chose to go big in case you didn’t know and here is how:


ellesse have partnered with Metropolis Studios London, to create their new studio series ‘Make it Music’, showcasing performances from some of the UK’s finest fresh talent.

Make it Music sessions feature exclusive interviews and live performances from a diverse range of talent, including some familiar faces from the UK urban music scene! 

“The Make it Music project creates a fantastic partnership between ellesse and some of the best acts and artists coming through right now. We’re incredibly excited to be involved with this talent.”
— Andy Reid, Marketing Director for ellesse

So look out for the ‘Make it Music’articles that we will upload to ensure that you don’t miss the opportunity to show support for our favourite UK urban acts who are shutting down the scene!