Smooth Talker

Pure poetic genius! Blay reveals all about his spoken word and poetry, filling us in on the true skill of finding so many words that rhyme!

Blay G.

What is the inspiration behind your poetry?

The inspiration behind my poetry is three things. They all kind of connect within each other. It’s what I’ve been through, what I’m going through, or something that I’ve seen and learnt from and so I’m teaching a story to help other people understand the same lesson.

 Are they always in relation to your own life experiences?

Urm, I would say so. Because even though everything I write about hasn’t technically happened to me, it’s something that I’ve always seen or heard about and therefore drawn something from it. So yeah, I would kind of say that they are.

How did you realise you was good at it?

To be honest, to this day I still dint think that I’m good at it. Hahah. It sounds weird I know but I keep going because people say that they like it. So I guess there is something there. But me myself when I look at it I don’t see anything that special. I’m still growing.


How do you think of so many words that rhyme?

I feel like rhyming’s really easy. If you were to throw any word at me now I would be able to rhyme it. I don’t know if that’s something everyone can do?....I thinkits because I listen to so much music so I hear so many words and that really does help.


Do you have any collaborations planned?

Not yet. I did have one person but it kind of drifted, so no, not yet. There are two books that I’m going to be putting my poetry into so I guess you could call that a collaboration!

Blay G.

Fill us in on your latest project!

I’m making a book! It’s basically, it’s going to be a story. My story. But in form of poetry. And what I plan on doing is having short pieces to be introductions and longer pieces as they go along. Every chapter will start with a short piece and every chapter will tell my story from probably ten years back until now. So that’s coming real soon. 

I wrote about me as a baby. Like as the thoughts of the baby or a foetus before he’s getting aborted. Pretty messed up!
— Blay G.

For anyone who wishes to get into the world of spoken word, what would you recommend them?

I feel like people try to be too much like each other. When they get into spoken word they listen to people, try to copy their flows etc. I think the best thing to do is to come naturally. However, you feel to say what you’ve written, just say it. It will come our more passionately than trying to copy someone else. That’s the best advice I can give, that’s what I don’t to be honest!



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