WTF Happened?! - January Edition

“…Thank you, next.” [Reloads song for 50th time].

Guilty pleasure, or the perfect break-up song that reminds you ‘yeah, you still that bitch!’ rather than sobbing into your pillow, Ariana gave us exactly what we needed last year. An anthem followed by an epic video that took this year by storm, flying to the top of the charts, and rightly so!


I’m sure many relate to her lyrics. We may not have been with Sean and Ricky, but I’m sure we’ve all been with someone who, in Ari’s words, ‘wasn’t a match’. Her rocky road with love is what drove her to make the chart climbing anthem, and we’re sure she’s not the only one who utilised her ‘break-up’ emotions to fuel something great.

With this in mind, we wanted to find out what the drive and motivation lies behind some of the songs, fashion and creative outcomes that we love!

VintageDollRisa (Clarissa)

What happened that made you start GDS?

I wanted to create a brand that catered to girls like me, the tomboys, the girls that loved streetwear but were tired of buying menswear. I wanted girls to connect with sport in a more intimate way, exploring mental health, well being and body image. And host a platform to celebrate these girls and inspire. Also because my experience growing up was heavily sport and activity based



What happened that made you produce ‘Friendly’ and how is it different from ‘Dark Vader

J Hus friendly was made in a time where everybody was expecting a negative song from Hus. We tried to make what we felt people wanted but we were stuck as soon as we gave up on that we got friendly.

It came out different cause we were no longer trying to please anyone.

As for dark Vader it was the total opposite with both were banging out “Wiz Kid - Soco “ and decided to make something that felt like that but in our own way dark Vader was the end result



What happened that made you write ‘Poet in Da Corner’

That’s a huge question!! It just started with working in academia and feeling frustrated that grime wasn’t celebrated, and I didn’t see enough grime artists in big institutions when it’s such a big part of the reason I exist!



What happened that made you start Mean Feet?

‘I was broke, looking at Depop, and the Depop warriors were buying anything with Playboy on it, even like old vest and things that weren’t nice. So, I thought, wait, I can actually make something nice that’s playboy rather than some dutty, old, grubby, thing’ – ‘The Playboys’



What happened that made you write the song ‘Homerton B

I wanted to represent the raw reality of my hometown.



What happened that made you write the song ‘Issa Vibe’

It was from above. I found the beat after I had been fasting and praying. It came to me and then I wrote the song



What happened that made you film ‘LDN’

I wanted to make the LDN documentary because there wasn’t much focus on the underdogs of the scene. At the time Grime was the genre that was being covered heavily by music publications, a lot of docs were being made about that story. But I knew there was emerging sounds that were a lot more popular that just hadn’t been shown much light. So, I put my head, got to work and created a documentary that I wanted to see and evidently, everyone else wanted to see.



What happened that made you write the song ‘24’

‘24’ is a song about the time between my 23rd birthday and my 24th. The song is about my life