5 top tips on how to battle a mental block

The tips you need to relieve you of this mental constipation

  1. Work out a sense of plan and structure - like what the fuck are you actually doing; ask that to yourself. Did your mind just explode because it doesn’t have a clue? Yeah, same. Let’s work out some sort of structure here. Write down some bullet points of tasks you want to achieve and be realistic. Do a list for today, a weekly one then an overall goals list. Your daily and weekly tasks should equate to you completing them overall goals. Having tasks that you can complete regularly that you can tick off will give you that burst of achievement that you need to motivate you to keep going. Only having them big goals, as great as it is that you’re thinking big, you may feel disheartened when things don’t feel like they’re going to plan and feels like nothing is happening (even though it is). And it’s up to you how you get this sense of structure whether it’s putting things in your Outlook calendar, reminders in your phone, a list on your laptop or an old school classic pen-to-paper to do lists. Add colour if you want, go wild!

  2. Youtube! - Many of us use it as a pastime...well, what if I told you that your method of procrastination may just be your inspiration haven! YouTube has millions of videos, many of which can teach us new skills whether it’s ‘How to achieve the perfect beat face’ or ‘How to make a million’. Use YouTube as the learning tool that it is, and yes, it helps that many of the videos are also entertaining. Pay attention to how videos are filmed and edited if your looking for inspo for your next vlog, or what are trending topics that a lot of people are discussing in their most recently uploaded videos. Watch videos on how to develop a skill whether its how to use computer software, or learning new languages. Also keep a look out for what you feel like is missing. Is there a certain topic or style of video that you’d like to see that you struggle to come across on YouTube? Maybe this is an area that you could fill and pioneer this space!

  3. Tidy up - many of us resort to this as a final procrastination activity. When you have napped as much as your body can physically handle, rinsed social media, and stared at your empty fridge, it’s time to tidy. A clear space can help clear the mind and with things back in their place, this links back to that sense of plan and structure. Cleaning the whole entire house may not be necessary, but deffo organise your working space, reduce the clutter and make way for them flowing creative juices.

  4. Read - this may not be a fast hack on how to get your mind back in gear, but schedule time every day to read and your mind will be opening to a multitude of new ideas. Check out our articles on some of our favourite books if you need some reading inspo - a great start would be 50 Cent’s 50th Law.

  5. Just get on with it! - As brutal as it sounds, it’s the truth and you need to hear it. Sometimes, when you just pick one of the many tasks floating around in your head, and just get the ball rolling, it will come to you a lot more easier than you imagined. Yes, it may feel long and feel like a form of torture, but that hard work will pay off. Schedule in checkpoints where once part of the workload is achieved, then you can have a break, have the cake, have the nap, but do the work.