“Due to a number of ignorant and offensive comments I made as jokes amongst friends on a public platform, it has been decided by the BBC that I am not suitable to join their network as a representative.” - Logan Sama


DJ Logan Sama, who was meant to start on 1Xtra this Friday, will no longer be the presenter of the station’s new grime show.

Current 1Xtra DJ, Twin B, shone light on Sama’s past inappropriate online posts, resulting in his offer on the new grime show to be withdrawn.


Due to his “ignorant and offensive comments” that he publicised on social platforms, the BBC have made the decision with the following statement: "Any allegations of inappropriate behaviour would always be taken extremely seriously and would be dealt with swiftly and appropriately."


Logan announced "I understand this decision and agree these comments are indefensible regardless of context."


A new presenter for the Friday 11pm-1am show will be announced soon.

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