Send Your Sneakers!

Sole Appeal UK tell us all about their work and how we can help!

So what made you start up the organisation Sole Appeal UK?

Sole Appeal came about because I believed that students/young people, matter of fact anyone can make a small difference to the world. It sounds cliché, but everyone has, an old pair of trainers underneath their bed, or tucked away somewhere which they don't wear! I thought, these pairs could be put in good use...ultimately to better someone's everyday life with the bare necessity of footwear.


And how does the whole process work?

Well the charities take the donations we collect and distribute them. At the moment we are working alongside a charity called Aid Convoy UK - they fill shipping containers and send the donations to affect towns in Syria.


And are there any requirements of trainers or specific conditions they have to be in? And does it include kid’s trainers?

Ideally, trainers and boots, because they’re versatile and hard wearing, as well as comfortable. Kids, women's trainers too. Preferably good enough condition to wear, so no ripped or holey crep!


Find out more on how to send your shoes here!