The Composer releases his second single 'WDYM'

Emmanuel Speaks is a very self-evaluative performance poet who continues to build his brand and image through different mediums but always using his art as a 'catalyst for his growth' . It has been a very eventful year for Speaks, collaborating with Google: headlining at their Black Googlers Network event in 2017. He then went on to voice New Look's Christmas and Spring/Summer 2018 adverts and he was also spotlighted by Nike London, for Nike's England and Nigeria World Cup kit campaign. His listeners are constantly on a journey not only through his music but also in his many efforts to gain traction and stability by creating his own brand. For listeners that are on this journey would have been proud to see Speaks in his TedxLondon talk where he spoke from the heart about his progression. It is not very often that we have new artists who are fearless enough to take us on a journey through every medium that they choose to express themselves in. This may be priceless but it keeps his audience engaged and gives music even more meaning.

Speaks has blessed us with his second single 'WDYM', which gives us more of an insight to his new album titled 'The Composer'. 'WDYM' which has been abbreviated from the words 'what do you mean' this track plays on a long-standing joke on social media, regarding young men who use this phrase to stray away from accountability to their partners. This track has a nostalgic feel and a strong narrative.  In a conversation with Emmanuel I instantly noticed he is an artist with reasoning, "everything has a meaning" he worked closely with producers and videographers to bring the single to life. Inspired by Jay Z's 'Girls, Girls, Girls' - Emmanuel pushes his comfort zone, rapping heavily narrated verses with a slick flow in the persona of a young casanova, growing into a man who is learning to be better. For his male audience, the feeling of transition in life is something we can all relate to making his new single an easy vibe to catch. My favorite part of the track and the most unexpected his the final bridge where Emmanuel sings in a melodic tone. It is clear to see he is not just a spoken word artist -  "I use whatever I need to, so I can tell the story in the best way possible". 

"the people who appreciate my art the most are the people who are willing to dig deeper and ask themselves why did he do this? Those are the people I am writing for because they are looking for the bigger picture" 

Speaks is heavily involved in the process of his music going from song to video. He worked with the same video producer who created his short film for The Composer and another video producer named Russel Owen to create an original idea of a masquerade ball. The video ties in effortlessly with the nostalgic feel of the song, hence the original inspiration of the track. As an independent artist working with a small budget Speaks still delivered a great visual ascetic which gives the single more feeling. 

The new 11-track album which is a coming of age story, going from darkness to light. As his first album, he has not allowed the challenges of being an independent artist stop him from investing in his vision. His biggest issue is to gain constant engagement  - "you can't just put out a body of work and expect everyone to take it in, you must invest in certain things and know what to invest in". Overtime he has gained knowledge of his target audience and how he can expand his spoken word career to new heights through expression. His album is set for release later this year and is something we should all look forward to. The new single 'WDYM' is available on all digital streaming platforms. 

Words from Haruna Jebak







Haruna Jebak